1. Pour about 1 tablespoon of Stoned Wide Awake powder into a small bowl and add water, oil, or aloe vera gel (depending on your skin type) drop by drop until you reach desired consistency. Make sure to add the liquid substance of your choosing very slowly because it’s easy to overdo it and end up with a runny paste. If paste becomes too runny, add more powder.

2. Apply the paste to a freshly washed face with an applicator brush. Let dry for 15-20 minutes. As you’re applying paste or waiting for it to dry, make sure to pair this process with your favorite self-love, money, or manifestation mantras. 

3. After paste cracks, wash off either in the shower (suggested) or with a warm washcloth. Follow with moisturizer. Keep in mind, a few crystals might linger on the skin for a short bit of time prior to washing off the crystal mask. Don’t worry though, they only linger for a maximum of a few hours and it does not get everywhere like glitter does.

The Amethyst Mask

Made with Amethyst crystals, Sage, and Brazilian Purple Clay this mask is all about elevating your visualization and manifestation practices. Amethyst is known to balance emotions and rid the mind of negative thoughts which can put you in a trance-like state- perfect for being able to tap into the desires of your highest self. The Purple Brazilian Clay is high in magnesium which promotes healthy skin cells and prevents the skin from absorbing impurities that can have anti-aging effects. Paired with the stress-relieving quality of Amethyst, this mask is a go-to for busy women looking to unwind. 

The Rose Quartz Mask

Made with Rose Quartz, Rose Petals, Pink clay, and Colloidal Oats, this extra-gentle mask is great for sensitive skin types and all about indulgence and self-love. Scented with Sweet Orange and Geranium this floral and sweet-scented glittery powder will transcend your bath time to an 1850’s French Castle on the riviera. pop some bubbly and wear your best jewels while you treat yourself to the royal experience and simmer in your divinity.

The Moonstone Mask

Made with Moonstone, Cornsilk, and Sea Clay, this mask is about eliminating toxins of all kinds and promoting new financially abundant beginnings. While the Sea Clay and Cornsilk work towards physically eliminating toxins in your skin, the moonstone is working towards energetically eliminating toxic energy in your life by stabilizing emotions and promoting inner growth and strength. It’s also a stone known to promote good fortune and success which makes this energetically potent mask the perfect addition to your money manifestation rituals. Out with the old, in with the new, you’re aura is impenetrable with The Moonstone Mask.