Created by a minimalist traveler with the desire to encapsulate the energetic properties of sacred ingredients from all over the world, Stoned Wide Awake is designed to elevate the rituals that are sacred to wild women through the healing power of crystals. Every bottle of Stoned Wide Awake contains a gemstone in powdered form, as well as clear quartz crystal flakes to amplify the energetic properties of the main crystal. 

Part of staying high vibe means making intentional purchases that feel aligned and raise your frequency. Our crystal infused face masks come in luxurious frosted glass bottles with shimmery crystals, colorful clays, and whimsical scents truly making a Stoned Wide Awake mask the perfect intentional vibe-raising experience. 

Made by the hands of wild women in the land of enchantment, Stoned Wide Awake infuses the same level of love and energy as you would stumble upon at a local farmers market- except with a mood board worthy aesthetic, making these high-vibrational face masks the perfect addition to your gorgeous boutique shelves or bathtub bar-cart.

Meet the maker 

Founder and formulater, Mia Stallard is a blogger, actress, and artist residing in the magical mountains of Northern New Mexico. Working as a young actor, Mia had to be accompanied by an on-set tutor whenever she worked. This tutor also happened to be an herbalist specializing in medicinal herbs native to North America, which is where Mia discovered her love of wild-crafting and herbalism. 

Inspired by the rich culture of the small mountain town she grew up in, and fascinated with the plants that surrounded her, Mia always dreamed of making her own herbal products. It wasn’t until she became a digital nomad and world traveler that she had the thought of possibly incorporating sacred herbs from all the world's most magical locations into her line of concoctions, whatever they may be. 

One night, while slightly stoned- the idea was born- an energy-infused face mask using ancient clays, energy potent herbs, and crystals ethically sourced from every enchanting corner of the earth. 

When Mia’s not shipping out orders or writing love letters to her customers, she’s skinny dipping in naturally occurring bodies of water across the globe and drinking overpriced lattes in swanky cafes. You can follow her adventures here or check out her blog here